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Celebrating Māngere - 5 Years running!

Over 4,000 Māngere locals flooded the Mangere Town Centre car park for the highly-anticipated Two Seven Five Day event on a Monday this year. The annual celebration, now in its 5th year, brought a packed crowd and lively atmosphere, creating a day filled with community spirit, celebration, amazing Māngere music and performers plus a plethora of local food vendors.

Event organisers Lily and Fitz Manase of TwoSevenFive._ reflected on the May 27th festivities, calling it a milestone in their journey. "We felt well organised for this event as we're getting used to it being our 5th year," said Lily Manase.

Despite their preparation, holding the event on a Monday presented unforeseen challenges for vendors, with many reporting they had sold out of food before the day's end - a testament to the high demand and event's immense popularity.

In an effort to enhance next year's celebration, the organisers distributed feedback forms to attendees. "We received some really good feedback on how we can improve future events," said Lily Manase. "Next year, we already have some plans in place and are looking forward to the next Māngere Two Seven Five Day."

Among the standout highlights were the contributions from volunteer students of Southern Cross Campus' Year 12 class. "We had great feedback that they were very helpful and polite," said Lily Manase regarding the students' efforts to ensure the event ran smoothly.

More than just the festivities, the organisers noticed a palpable sense of unity and Māngere pride. "Another highlight was that there was nothing but love from the community," said Lily. "True Māngere style is that everyone came, had a great time, and celebrated our awesome community."

The infectious energy resonated with locals, with one attendee proclaiming, "what a night, what an event, what a legend this community is."

As a final message to Māngere locals, Lily Manase shared: "We just want to thank each and everyone from the community that helped out to make this day possible."

"It's for the people, by the people."

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